Mould Surveys

Mould Surveys
Moulds, fungi and yeasts are everywhere, airborne spores by the million. Even the most spotless house has some  mould probably near the sink or bathroom. When room humidity rises due to excess moisture eventually it condenses on a cold surface. The condensation combined with an organic food source creates the perfect environment for mould.
Thermdry are experts in surveying of moulds.  Our extensive background in floods, buildings and biological growths we can quickly and efficiently diagnose the cause. 
Thermdry offer  surveys- leaking roofs, defective downpipes, gutters, condensation issues, penetrating moisture, rising damp, extractor fan problems. These can and do raise indoor humidity the precursor to mould. Lifestyle is also investigated as drying of clothes in a room can add to the overall humidity.
This service is for Norfolk although with additional pricing, surveys can be further afield.
Questions I am frequently asked
1. Why when I spray with a proprietory anti mould / mildew product initially it disapears and within a few weeks it comes back. The hyphae or roots grow into a foodsource up to 200 microns (1 micron is one millionth of an metre) when you spray all you do is kill the surface growth leaving the roots in tact to regrow.
2. When I paint with an anti mould paint eventually it comes back. The active ingedients of the anti mould paint slowly reduce in efficacy and eventually cease to be effective allowing the mould to regrow.
3. Is it bad for my health breathing in mould spores. We humans are designed to accept certain levels of mould inhalation, think of a walk in the forest millions of spores are free floating and we breath this in. Healthy people can cope with this. In a contained area say a small room a mould colony can release millions of spores, a person with a low immune system can be affected, especially vunerable are very young children and oldeer people.. The answer is to control the moisture control the mould.
Did you know that proprietory mould / mildew sprays are 1-2% Sodium Hypochlorite with fragrance buffering agents and 95% water. Mould is Hydrophobic (water hating) and when sprayed with water has an ejection mechanism to shoot its spores away allowing them to be airborne and easily inhaled and settyle to start the nxt colony.
Thermdry UK offer three different surveys
1. Basic - £100.00 This survey will find the causes without frills.
2. Intermediate - £175.00  This surveys covers all that the basic acheives with a photograghic report.
3. Advanced -  £275.00  This survey has all the above elements with the addition of a Thermal Imaging survey.
Reports - £25.00 extra on Basic and Intermediate 
The above prices are based on a 10 mile radius of Norwich - Please ask for prices when contacting if farther away than 10 mile radius
 Call us Thermdry on 07800 981133 or complete our online enquiry form for a free estimate