Dog and Cat Allergens

We love our pets they are family members, we look after them and feed them and they give us all their love. Some people unfortunately react allergically to their pets. Lets look more closely.

Cats - People react to the saliva of cats usually on fur and attached follicles. Cats groom frequently and during this process they use their tongues where fur is removed usually with a follicle. The cats tongue has backward facing barbs which makes it rough. This allows them to clean their fur. This fur coated with saliva then becomes airborne and eventully falls onto all surfaces. Living with cats can cause very bad rhinitis (sneezing) for sensitive individuals, bad eczema and breathing difficulties. Thermdry can offer a thorough Carpet and Upholstery cleaning service with the added bonus of using an approved allergen denaturing agent scientifically tested for efficacy. Further advice on how to control cat allergens on request. Prices for this service on application.

Dogs - People react to the saliva, dander and urine of dogs. Dogs groom themselves by licking with their tongues where this dislodges fur and the dead skin. Dead skin makes up a high proportion of the allergic component and where some people react to dog urine. At Thermdry we offer a thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning service with added dog allergen treatments as required. Further advice upon request. Prices for this service upon application.


We can advise on ongoing control for Cat and Dog allergens which is very important for the management of allergies. 


 For an informal talk about the control of Cat and Dog allergens, either complete our online enquiry form or phone 07800 - 981 - 133 - Allergen control is an essential part of modern living for sensitive individuals.

This service is available in East Anglia - Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire.